2017  YEAR END

While many of us have been Praying for people in Texas and Florida and seeing the news of the devastation and storms, We have also been praying for Our many First Nations friends and Families in Northern Manitoba affected by immense forest fires. More than 4000 people were evacuated by air from communities at Island Lake, where we have a CJTL radio transmitter. Many of these families are poor by our standards and are now sleeping in gyms and on floors, at churches and schools for now. The Red Cross has provided some hotels, but many are without basic supplies. Our friend and the Pastor at Garden Hill Fellowship, Arnold Flett has been busy coordinating things trying to get people from his community help.  We have considered what we could do at this time, and other than getting information out on the radio and helping the First Nations communities to pray for one another, we have decided that will have a better idea how to respond after the Smoke literally clears. We will likely try and find a way to get people basic needs met once they are able to return home. So far most Homes have been spared.  Please pray for them and for Arnold and his wife Natty who are overwhelmed with the relief effort.

In Past years we have had some Large gifts and match Challenges that have inspired people to help meet the needs of the Radio Ministry. We do not have any challenge going on at this time but we still are Asking God to provide for the work that needs to be completed as well as the on going mission.

Please pray with us we bring those needs to him.

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Two to One fund raising challenge

Summer is winding down, but we still have 3 important projects that need funding and to be completed before winter. The first is Norway house, this project is almost half funded, we still need to raise an estimated $ 4800.00 to finish this up. We still hope to have the tower completed before the end of October. The rest of the projected can be completed in the winter months but would require more travel so it would be best and more efficient with our time and costs if we could get it funded and complete it in one trip.

We also have a new need, to raise around $5000.00 to install a Gas boiler for the hot water heating system in Pickle Lake at CJTL’S Main Studio and building. This is at the Property that Frank Drown initially purchase , and where the radio ministry first began. There is a wood boiler heating system, but its aging out and may need replacement in the near future, but we have also have concerns with not having another heating system as a back up. We also don’t have a person available everyday to put logs in the furnace.  Gas is the most efficient way to go and it could tie into the current system without a lot of additional expense and prevent a bigger problem in the future. Were still getting some estimates and may be able to have some qualified volunteers do the installation.

Finally the Monthly operational Costs exceed $2400.00. These Monthly costs include the Satellite up-link fees which allow the broadcast to reach individual remote communities. The electric, taxes and other utilities at Pickle lake and finally programming fees we pay to broadcast programs on other stations in Canada, These stations that we Purchase “Air time” on bring our programs and the Gospel Message to about 70 other native communities where we don’t own a broadcasting station.

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